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Save on 40+ hours in Marketing TimeAgency fees 💸 Manage Paid Ad Spend 📈Digital Content CreationCreate a Free Audio Ad 🔊

With our expertise, we'll help you create captivating digital ad content, custom marketing pages, and seamless e-commerce one-click stores.

Let us amplify your brand's online presence and drive remarkable results.

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Audio Ads for music streaming, digital radio, and podcast apps

We Create audio ads campaigns on streaming services with over 500M listeners globally and 100M+ in US and Canada.

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Our social ad campaigns use language AI to analyze social media data and deliver targeted messaging that resonates with your audience.

  • Deeper Insights
  • Improved Campaign Performance
  • Sentiment Analysis

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Case Study

We increased online sales revenue over 50% to $476,109 per month by driving up organic search.

Learn how we grew online sales by driving organic search for a delivery brand in Sacramento, CA 😎

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Landing Page Conversions

Dynamically allocate and optimize landing pages, ad budgets, ad creatives to earn more sales to your shopify or e-commerce store making you more $$$$ every month.

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Overcome iOS 14 Ad Restrictions

Automatically optimize ad targeting due to iOS 14 restrictions based on Humans + AI and third-party data. Receive free creative ads recommendations and reports for beating your competition and crushing the ad game. ​💪​💡​

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Facebook Ad Types to Consider

"Over 10 Million Businesses have used Facebook Advertising"

Frequently Asked Questions

Agencies spend hours setting up and running your ads, and then try to optimize them with Facebook's poor data. You save $1,000s in fees and don't have to deal with their human errors.

Earn more ROAS than using Facebook or TikTok alone. With Hybrid Ads, upload creatives once, and we automatically set up your audiences, campaigns, ad sets, and ads; optimize them; and report weekly or monthly back to you.

80% greater discoverability for new brands or products on Social Media Platforms than on any other brand or retailer websites combined. 

People connect on Facebook and Instagram every day. Your small business ads can show up as people are exploring what they’re interested in, so making a connection with your business is easy.

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Customer Testimonials

Join our clients in saving hundreds of hours per year on digital marketing

"Hybrid Ads team setup our Shopify Store and our Amazon listing for our brand and got our first sales"

Owner - Gains Haus Athletic Apparel

"A milestone this week that Pivet has enjoyed is that we have had a new B2C order every day.  As a business, we have NEVER had orders daily. THANK YOU"

Founder -

"Hybrid Ad's website redesign, SEO optimizations & paid ad campaigns delivered a jaw-dropping 3X increase in monthly conversions & bookings for us ". 

- Owner of

"Hybrid Ads setup our brand website, wholesale management platform with integration into State compliance system"

Owner - Roll It Up Inc

"Hybrid Ads grew our website engagement to over 1.6k users in 60 days and ranked us on the first page of google"

Owner - Brooklynz Pizza Artesia

"With the setup of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Shopify pixel tracking, we were able to see a complete dashboard of our ad spend, performance & attributed purchases by channels and audience type"

Owner - TerraRosaWines Family Office

"Setting up a shopify landing page helped us convert around 60% better from our original site"

Founder - Paradise Club

"Hybrid Ads AI manages the ad space through the creatives and gives outperforming ads that bring value"

Owner - Don Wapo Hot Sauce

"We saw Month over Month of Revenue Growth as we increased our daily ad spend and watched our organic search increase". 

Owner - Delivery E-commerce


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